Bhattarai urges parties to address Madhes concerns with statute amendment

POKHARA: Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that the existing problem of Madhes should be resolved by the amending the Constitution.

Speaking in an interaction in Pokhara of Kaski, Bhattarai stated that at first the parties should resolve the Madhesi problems by themselves.

Stating that Tharu and Madhesi communities were always suppressed by the state mechanisms, Bhattarai said their problems should be addressed politically.

Even after solving the Madhes problem, if neighbours continued obstructing border points, their intents would be exposed in front of the world itself, he added.

Stating that the obstructions by other countries were not new for Nepal, Bhattarai said the problem could be resolved through diplomatic channels, than blaming other nations.

Meanwhile, Bhattarai added that all the parties should work together reopen the obstructed border points during this time of festive season.

The former Maoist leader was of the view that implementation of the new Constitution would be impossible without economic development of country.

He accused the major parties of indulging in power game, than in solving the current issues.