Bhattarai's party to focus on city dwellers

Kathmandu, June 10

A new alternative political party in Nepal is in the making with the dream of turning Nepal into developed country within 25 years.

A formal party declaration ceremony has been planned for Sunday at the Dasharath Stadium with participation of more than 50,000 founding members. Discussions on several issues of the party would be held in the next two days.

According to leader Mumaram Khanal, as many as many as 50,000 new party members have already taken membership of the party and all the leaders and cadres would take oath of allegiance on Sunday.

Political analyst Jhalak Subedi said NSN seemed to follow the ideals of Aam Aadmi Party of India in a different way in Nepal with the slogan of development and corruption-free society.

“NSN wants to bank on the middle-class, educated and independent people in the cities,” Subedi said.

“It’s not only a new party but an alternative political campaign,” states the invitation letter sent to each individual to attend the declaration ceremony.

According to leader Mumaram Khanal, Naya Shakti Nepal has adopted left-democratic socialism as its political ideology.

He, however, said left means progressive and dynamic and democratic means direct democracy that promotes right to recall and right to reject instead of the existing practice of formal democracy.

However, the political document prepared Devendra Poudel, head of the organisational department of the party, has not mentioned the term ‘pluralism’ in the document.

Poudel said the new party would focus on attracting people in the cities and giving due attention to the people in the villages. The party, however, would strictly prohibit factional politics, the document states.

Coordinator of the NSN Baburam Bhattarai said he was attempting to attract the frustrated lot. “Perhaps you are not satisfied with your old political party. So let’s join hands to work together,” he said.

Bhattarai has also invited several Indian leaders to join the party declaration ceremony.

It may be recalled that commenting on the formation of NSN, Bhattarai’s former boss and Chairman of CPN-Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal had said Nepal’s bad days would begin the day Bhattarai progresses.