Ward chair arrested

Jajarkot, June 12

Police in Jajarkot arrested a ward chairperson today in connection with a complaint filed against him about 16 months ago.

Ward No 12 Chairperson Nim Bahadur Bhanari of Bheri Municipality was arrested in connection with a complaint filed by Shitali Rawat, a local  of the municipality with the District Administration office in the past ,accusing Bhanari of issuing threats to her life by wielding a khukuri in a drunken stupor.

Acting on the complaint, police had detained Bhanari with a khukuri in the past itself, but he then had walked out of custody with a pledge that he would present himself before the court on the court’s scheduled date after spending 10 days in custody.

Recently, the administration, in connection with the complaint, ordered him to spend 10 days’ in prison and pay Rs 6,000 in fine in April this year.

“As no application for review of the order was filed during the designated 35 days after the verdict, Bhanari was arrested in line with the administration’s order,” Assistant Chief District Officer Janakraj Sharma said.

Meanwhile, police have reported that they are under political pressure to free the arrested ward chairperson who had been elected on the then CPN-UML’s ticket.