Bhojpur Campus without chief for months

Bhojpur, September 3

Bhojpur Campus, the only campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University in the district, has been operating without a head for the past six months.

Daily administrative and development activities of the campus have been severely affected due to the absence of campus chief for long. The campus has been headless since then chief Hemanta Rai retired from the post on May 8.

Later, then Tribhuvan Executive Council appointed lecturer Nima Sherpa as an acting campus chief for three months until his tenure expired on August 18. “Daily administrative and financial activities of the campus have been adversely affected due to the absence of chief. We have urged the vice-chancellor several times for immediate appointment of a chief,” said Assistant Campus Chief Prakash Rai.

As per Tribhuvan University’s rules, there must be a full time chief in all of its constituent campuses to ensure that all daily academic and administrative activities are smoothly run.