Bhojpur District Advocate Office to have own building

BHOJPUR: District Advocate Office is being built with an investment of more than Rs 33.4 million in Bhojpur.

Currently, running from a rented building, the office will be established with an investment of a total of Rs 33,452,628. The construction of the advocate office has already started through contractor from November 5 to be completed within two years by November 3, 2018.

Assistant Attorney General at Office of the Auditor General (OAG), Dhankuta, Manoj Kumar Acharya laid the foundation stone for the under-construction three-storey building today.

Acharya said that the office building was being built as per the five-year plan of the OAG that states that each advocate office should have own building. He added that the office buildings were being constructed in many places while some of them have been inaugurated.