Bhojpur farmers attracted to insuring livestock

Bhojpur, June 27

Local farmers have been attracted to livestock insurance programme in Bhojpur of late.

The farmers were attracted by the insurance programme as they would get their investment back if the animals died due to any reason.

Raj Kumar Rai, a local farmer of Aamchowk Rural Municipality said insurance would help in searching for alternatives if cattle died. “The insurance policy should have come earlier,” he said. Rai said many animals had died in natural disasters earlier and they could not afford to buy other animals. “But farmers will get relief amount once the insurance programme comes into effect in the village,” he added.

Lumbini General Insurance Bhojpur Chief Santosh Tiwari said the farmers had been attracted by the insurance programme as it would ensure safety and security for the animals being kept for dairy products and meat. He said the farmers would get compensation if the animals died of diseases, fire, lightning, floods, among other disasters. He informed that as many as 600 farmers would benefit from livestock insurance in a year.

The provision has it that the livestock can be insured after details of the animals are verified by expert technicians. Tiwari said agriculture and livestock technicians had been deployed in all the local levels of the district. He said the farmers would receive 90 per cent amount in compensation.