Bhojpur govt offices turn headless as bosses take leave in beginning of fiscal year

BIRATNAGAR: Immediately after the fiscal year ended, chiefs of many government offices in Bhojpur district have taken long leaves, affecting daily administration in the district.

Nearly a dozen offices including the District Administration Office and the District Development Committee are headless for weeks, staff at those offices said.

As there is a little workload in beginning of each fiscal year, many staff take leaves in this period, according to sources. The current fiscal year began on July 16.

Besides the DAO and the DDC, the District Forests Office, the District Health Office, the District Agricultural Development Office, the District Education Office and the District Land Revenue Office are running without their chiefs, the staff said.

The DAO, which is responsible for overall peace and order in the district, has been running under the leadership of the Assistant Chief District Officer while leadership of other offices has also been handed over to junior staff.

Acting chiefs of most offices including the Land Revenue Office are either Section Officers or Nayab Subbas, a staffer informed.

Secretaries of various Village Development Committees of the district are also on leave, according to Charambi VDC Secretary Tarani Guragain.