Bhojpur police campaign against haphazard parking

BHOJPUR: Traffic police started to take actions against vehicles parked illegally on the streets in Bhojpur district.

According to traffic police, Ram Kumar Rai, police resorted to actions after locals complained that haphazard parking narrowed road space.

Rai further said the illegally parked vehicles obstruct people and other vehicles from having an easy access to the road.

Local people of Bank Road informed that they are actively involved in the action, after the parked vehicles occupy space of the roads, causing hindrances to pedestrians to walk.

Also to stop the possibilities of road accidents, they have asked the traffic police to remove the vehicles, informed LD Sherpa of the locality.

Bhojpur Municipality is also going to help the traffic police for such “an appreciable work,” informed Bhojpur Municipality Executive Officer, Tulraj Thapa Magar.

The Municipality has urged all local vendors and shopkeepers not to occupy roads during their business.