Arms, explosives discovered from house in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: Police on Saturday seized dozens of arms and explosives from a deserted house in Dobhane of Salpasillichho Rural Municipality in Bhojpur district.

According to the Bhojpur District Police Office, they seized a two-inch mortar, tear gas shells, very lights, home-made pistols, grenade, socket bombs, bullets of self-loading rifle being kept in a box.

The house belonged to Angelu Sherpa, police added.

Police said they were informed about the weapons by Sherpa's nephew Kaji, who was apparently dusting Sherpa's house.

Based on preliminary investigations, police said the weapons might have been stored there during the insurgency period.

A bomb disposal squad from the Nepal Army's Eastern Division, Itahari has been dispatched to the location.

The seized arms and explosives have been stored at the Police Post in Dobhan.