Bhorletar locals protest highway construction compromising farmlands

LAMJUNG: Those affected by the construction of mid-hilly highway at Bhorletar of Madhya Nepal Municipality-6 in Lamjung district have come out in protest.

Locals began the protest stating that the road construction would compromise farmlands nearby. A struggle committee formed for the purpose stated that the Road Division Office had set the road to be 42 metres wide but construction works are being carried out in such a manner that would increase the width of the road to 64 metres.

People affected with the new-track have formed the struggle committee and warn that protests would continue to prevent the new-tract from opening, said chair of the committee, Hari Bahadur Thapa.

Affected locals say that they are not against the road construction but only of the opinion that construction must be carried out as per the previous mapping of the track set by the project. They added that if the track was extended outside of the market area and into fertile land, it would harshly impact farmers in the region.

Out of the 45-kilometre road stretch which falls within the district, construction of eight kilometres of road in Sundarbazaar and one in Bhorletar has not taken place yet.