Bids registered for irrigation project

Tulsipur, July 25:

Bids for Larena Irrigation Project were registered at District Irrigation Office here today amidst tight security. Registering of bids was postponed yesterday because of a dispute which was followed by gun fire.

Though 139 tender bids were sold, only nine bidders registered their proposal by noon, the deadline for the submission for the proposal. The irrigation project will be commissioned under four phases.

The preliminary estimated cost is Rs 18.4 million for contract No. 1, Rs 7.1million for contract No. 2, Rs 7.3 million for contract No. 3 and Rs 3.9 million for contract No. 4, according to project chief Motiraj Gautam.

The project with the total length of three and a half kilometre would have inner width of 80 centimetres. The canal has a target of supplying water at the rate of 600 litres per second. The users’ committee has acquired land required for the construction of canal at the cost of Rs 1.8 million, the project office said.

The project will be completed in three years and has the target of providing irrigation facility to 245 hectares of land.

The project was approved by the Ministry of Water Resources on June 2 and the tender for the construction was called on June 9.