Big Three undecided on CA panel heads

Kathmandu, January 11:

A joint meeting of the major coalition partners CPN-Maoist, NC and the CPN-UML, organised to share chairs of the Constituent Assembly related committees and parliamentary panels, ended inconclusively today after the three sides staked claims on more chairs.

The parties are supposed to hold next round of meeting tomorrow morning to reach a final deal.

CA and parliament today published election schedule for 14 CA-related panels and nine parliamentary panels.

The parties are required to fill nominations for all the CA-related committees and parliamentary panels.

Surendra Pandey, deputy parliamentary party leader of the UML, said Maoist staked its claims on five chairs in CA-related committees and three in parliamentary panels.

UML claimed chairs of three CA-related committees, apart from the Constitutional Committee, and three other parliamentary panels.

NC has also demanded three CA-related panels, either the State Restructuring and Sharing of State Power or Committee to Determine Forms of Governance and two other parliamentary panels, including the Public Accounts Committee, which, by tradition, goes to the main opposition party.

Pandey said they had, however, agreed to share three most important CA-related panels — Constitutional Committee, State Restructuring and Sharing of State Power, and Committee

to Determine Forms of Governance — among the Maoist, NC and UML.

NC chief whip Laxman Prasad Ghimire said they wanted one of the most important CA-related committees and that the MJF, TMDP and other small parties should also get shares in other committees on proportional basis.

Ghimire said his party would support UML’s newly-appointed CA member Madhav Kumar Nepal to chair the Constitutional Committee.

Pandey also said the NC should be given the chair of one of the three most important CA-related panels. He added that they would sit together tomorrow to sort out their differences before the election.