Bill on abductions likely to be tabled today

Kathmandu, November 28:

The Parliamentary Committee on Law, Justice and Legislature is likely to table the 12th amendment Bill on Civil Code 1963 in the parliament tomorrow. The Bill aims at making legal provisions to deal with abduction cases, which are on the rise in the recent days.

The committee today finalised a draft on the amendment Bill. The draft states: “Any person who is involved in abduction with the motive of taking life, causing injury, raping or having unnatural sex, trafficking, slavery, forced labour, torture, forced prostitution, ransom, forcing to surrender one’s business or anything that is against the law will be sentenced to seven to 15 years of jail and fined from Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000.”

For those who abduct somebody for other reasons (other than the ones listed above) will face four to eight years of jail and Rs 25,000 to Rs 100,000 fine. The law, once enforced, will not spare person giving kidnap order, encouraging the kidnapper or giving consent to abduction too. He/she will face the same term and fine as the kidnapper. However, those who are not directly involved in the abduction but have smelt the plan and not reported to the law enforcement bodies will face half the punishment.

The Bill has suggested two years of extra imprisonment for the kidnapper in case the abducted is a child or a woman. However, the punishment can be reduced if the abductor surrenders before the police. The Bill has also suggested a compensation of Rs 500 per day to the victim.

The Bill is likely to get a passage from the parliament tomorrow itself. “We will try to present the bill in tomorrow’s session,” NC chief whip Ananda Prasad Dhungana said. Given the seriousness of the cases of abduction, MP Jagannath Khatiwada said the Bill will be passed unanimously.