Biratnagar Jute Mill faces closure

Biratnagar, December 10:

Biratnagar Jute Mill faces closure by mid-December if the second instalment of the fund assured by the government is not given to it by then, according to the mill’s Board of Directors.

After a private company, Arihant Multi Fibres Company, cancelled its agreement with the government to run the Biratnagar Jute Mill, the government itself is running it since 3rd October. The government had released a sum of Rs 30 million as the first instalment for the purpose.

President of the factory’s Board of Directors, Ful Kumar Lalwani, said the government, under the agreement to provide Rs 120 million to the mill, had released Rs 30 million as first instalment and that it should release another Rs 30 million. “The government has been informed of it,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Finance is making excuses. He also warned that 1,500 workers in the mill, the employees and the board of directors will stage a symbolic strike against the government if the instalment is not released on time.