Biratnagar locals mourn Nona Koirala’s death

Biratnagar, January 28 :

The Koirala residence here wore a desolate look after the news of the death of NC leader Nona Koirala today. The locals mourned her death and felt it was a pity that her body was not brought here. They had to watch TV channels and listen to the radio to know about the details of her death.

“As long as she was alive, the Koirala residence used to be crammed with visitors from 6:00 am till 8:00 pm,” said Sita Poudyal, who has worked there for the last 50 years. Two truckloads of policemen were deployed at the Koirala residence after the news of Nona’s death, assuming that there would be a torrent of visitors there. However, not even a dozen visitors including NC Morang chairman Amrit Aryal reached there.

Nona had left Biratnagar for Kathmandu on January 13 by a Buddha Air flight, said Sanjay Rai. Nona’s attendant for the last 11 years, Laxmi Subedi said all the 19 people including security personnel at the residence were shocked at Nona’s death. NC Morang chairman Aryal said everyone had hoped that her body would be brought here to the Koirala residence. Except some newsmen, no Nepali Congress cadre visited the residence.

Nona was born on November 10, 1928 in Banaras, India. She was married off to Keshav Koirala in 1943 at the age of 15. She is survived by two sons, Niranjan Koirala and Dr Shekhar Koirala. She joined politics during the workers’ agitation in 1947. She was NC’s central member till her death and was also chairperson of Nepal Women’s Association.