Biratnagar, July 28:

The plan to construct a ring road in the Biratnagar sub metropolis will materialise this fiscal. The plan had got a blow due to the lack of funds.

Housing and Building Division Office (HBDO) in Biratnagar began the construction of the road last year.

“The construction work began after the government allotted Rs 16.7 million for the ring road last year,” HBDO chief engineer Chatur Raj Prasain said. The project is estimated to cost Rs 427 million.

“Eight hundred metres of gravel road was constructed last year,” Prasain said, adding that five kilometres of the road will be constructed within the first four months of the current fiscal year.

The construction work had begun when Bijay Kumar Gachhedar was the Minister for Physical Planning and Works, but work came to a halt due to financial and other constraints.

The 41-kilometre-long and 20-metre-wide road will pass through Daraiyabasti, Jatuwa, Singiyakhola, Bhathigachha, Kathari, Bhaudaha, Jharahat, Lakhantari, Hattimuda, Dharan Road and Paschim canal.

Some 200,000 people of the metropolis and around 100,000 people of adjoining areas will benefit once the road is constructed, locals said.

The road will lead to increased income and job opportunities, Prasain added.