Birgunj dry port waives parking fees of containers

BIRGUNJ: The Birgunj dry port has waived the parking fees of containers and warehouses for the imported goods.

Himalayan Terminals, the dry port operator, announced to waive the parking fees of 40 days for the importers stating that the good suppliers were unable to supply the commodities due to an indefinite strike imposed by the Madhes-centric political parties.

The parking fee of the containers and warehouse till September 20 to October 29 was relinquished as the goods supplies were hard hit due to the agitations in Madhes, Chief Executive Officer of Terminals Bishnu Chaudhary said.

Chaudhary said that the fresh move of the company would help offer some sigh of relief to the goods importers.

A huge quantity of goods imported from India is stranded in the dry port for almost 45 days due to the general shutdown. The goods unloaded from Indian trains are kept in warehouses and open space due to the suppliers’ failure to send the goods to the destinations.

Generally, the importers should pay seven paisa per kilogram from the first fourth to tenth day for parking the goods in the warehouse and per kilogram nine paisa till the 30th day. Likewise, the importers should collect their unloaded goods within 24 hours from the open space.

Similarly, the goods importers should pay Rs 350 per day per containers for the parking.

According to the Dry Port Customs Office, Nepal suffers a loss of Rs 10 million, except that of revenue collection, if the dry port was closed for a day.