Black marketing in petro products up

Nawalparasi, October 15

Black marketing in petroleum products has increased following the indefinite general strike called by United Democratic Madhesi Front in Nawalparasi.

After the supply of the petroleum products were obstructed at different border points for a long time, black marketing in LPG, petrol and diesel, among others, has been rife.

It is said petroleum products brought illegally from markets of India, are being sold for three times more than the actual price.

It has been reported that different groups have been involved in the act.

One group supplies the items from the border of Parasi, Bardaghat, Bhutaha and Bhumai, while the other group is said to supply the items from Arunkhola, Chormara, Kawasoti and Gaindakot up to Kathmandu.

People are compelled to pay Rs 300 per litre at Kawasoti, while the same petrol costs Rs 500 when it reaches Kathmandu. Similarly, diesel costs Rs 200 per litre at Kawasoti and it costs three times more when it reaches different places. Dearth of petrol still persists, while each vehicle gets 12 litres of diesel at Nawalpur.

Transport entrepreneurs said they had to buy fuel at triple the price as public vehicles were on the verge of halting service.

Locals have to pay Rs 5,500 for an LPG cylinder in Nawalparasi bazaar area.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Mainali said that everybody needed to discourage black marketing as it was morally wrong in this transitional phase.