Blockade to end within week, says government spokesperson

BHOJPUR: Minister for Information and Communication Technology and government’s spokesperson Sher Dhan Rai stated that the border blockade imposed by India would be lifted soon.

Minister Rai, who reached his home district on Friday, stated that the government has invited the agitating Madhesi parties to dialogues and urged the southern neighbour to lift the blockade.

The progress made so far and maximum flexibility from the government’s side would result in end of the blockade within a week, he claimed.

“We will never bow down to India, the question raised on our nationality and independence is not acceptable to us," Minister Rai shared, "The blockade affected Nepal severely, creating a humanitarian crisis."

"However, we respect the extensive patience Nepalis have shown even in this situation.”

The government is seeking alternatives to ease supply of goods securely, he said, adding, successful implementation of the Constitution will soon be seen.

He further said that soon after seeking resolution with the Madhesi parties, the government will focus on reconstruction of the quake-affected structures.

Speaking on a different note, he also shared that every nook and cranny of the country would have access to the internet.

He would attend a Constitution orientation programme organised by a local peace committee in the district on Saturday.