Book based on Gurung clan launched in Sankhuwasabha

SANKHUWASABHA: A book on 'Polo Lamichhane', one of the clans of the Gurung community living in the eastern hilly district, has been made public here recently.

93-year-old Panka Maya Gurung launched the book, probably the only book dealing with the Polo Lamichhane race of the Gurungs in the district.

The book is based on research on the origins of the human race and on the religion, customs, culture and history of the Gurungs in particular, said Mitra Kumar Gurung, President of Tamu Hyula Chhoja Dhin Gurung National Council, Sankhuwasabha, while speaking at the book-launching programme.

There are many types of Gurung surnames and Polo Lamichhane is one of them, he added. The book also traces the genealogy of the Polo Lamichhane Gurungs.

The book is jointly authored by Binod Gurung and Bholaman Gurung.