Botes prepare to search for gold

Tanahun, October 14

People from the Bote community of Kumaltari are preparing to head towards the banks of rivers to search for gold in Byas Municipality, Tanahun.

The Botes are ready with their equipment to sort out gold from the and.

As many as 26 households search for gold every year near rivers to pay off loans taken from landlords to celebrate Dashain. They said they reach the banks of the Trishuli, Budhigandaki and Kaligandaki rivers in search of gold.

Sixty-four-year-old Harka Bahadur Bote is now busy getting ready cooking materials and clothes, among other items to take to the banks of rivers in the search for gold. “Around Rs 40,000 was spent during Dashain,” he said, adding that he would pay off the loan after searching for gold. He said he would be taking his wife Biwa for the same.

Not only Harka Bahadur, but almost all Botes in the community have taken loan from their landlord to celebrate Dashain.