BP Highway facing risk

Sindhuli, August 2

The BP Highway road section has been obstructed time and again due to the haphazard construction of rural roads connecting the highway. The same has made BP Highway vulnerable to floods from local streams and landslips.

The highway has also been affected by inner roads built without meeting the basic criteria in different places along the highway. The rampant inner roads construction has created congestion obstructing vehicular movement. Hundreds of vehicles get stranded along the narrow road at many places.

The highway is also filled with mud and sand brought by flooded streams and landslips in dozens of places in Kavre and Sindhuli.

The construction of rural roads has gained momentum with the formation of the local governments, but locals said random construction of connecting roads had directly affected the highway.

Local Chandra Tamang said falling mud and stones had also damaged the blacktop along the highway. “Transportation service gets obstructed along the highway even when light rain falls due to mismanaged construction of connecting roads,” he added.

Dhulikhel-Nepalthok road section has been obstructed in different places along the highway in the monsoon.

Meanwhile, Road Division Office Khurkot Chief Rakesh Maharjan said the process of bridge construction over streams along the road section has been forwarded. “The machines were clearing debris along the highway to resume it,” he added.