‘BP envisioned democratic republicanism’

Pokhara, May 8

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel today said late BP Koirala had first envisioned the federal democratic republican system.

Speaking at a programme organised by BP Koirala Study Foundation, Pokhara, Paudel held that the NC had been following the path shown by Koirala. “BP’s socialism was to provide justice to the innocent and income to the impoverished. The same will be the agenda of the government and parties now onwards,” Paudel added.

Paudel said his party should work to discourage people hell-bent on defeating NC candidates by selling BP’s name inside the party. He blamed the NC leadership and its modus operandi for  weakening  the position of the party. Paudel alleged that a few leaders inside the party had tried to put the nation and party in peril for personal gain. He said if the NC renounced BP’s socialism, communists would move towards totalitarianism.

He said the NC should be prepared to fight against the government if the latter tried to bring the court and the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority under its control.