BPKIHS VC, nephew booked for graft

Kathmandu, August 4

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today filed a corruption case against Vice-chancellor of BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Raj Kumar Rauniyar and his nephew Ram Hari Rauniyar at the Special Court.

The anti-graft body has accused VC Rauniyar of embezzling Rs 12.8 million. The CIAA stated that it acted on a complaint filed against VC Rauniyar and during its investigation it found that the VC had received a bribe of Rs 12.8 million on different occasions from Managing Director of Gina Construction Company Pvt Ltd Sushil Kumar Jha, who had lodged a complaint at the CIAA and provided audio visual evidence to prove his claim.

Gina Construction is a sub-contractor of Shyam Sundar Construction Service Pvt Ltd which had won contract  to build BPKIHS’ hostel and pharmacy buildings on the institute’s premises.

The anti-graft body stated that it recovered Rs 800,000 bribe money from the VC’s A5 block apartment in BPKIHS.

It added that it investigated the matter after an audio clip was submitted to it on July 1 claiming that there was audio evidence to prove that the VC had received bribe for clearing, on different occasions, payment, including mobilisation fund payment to the contractor for construction work.

The CIAA stated that a complaint on July 10 claimed that the VC had demanded Rs 800,000 bribe from Jha for payment of fourth running bill and while acting on that complaint, officials deployed by CIAA found that he had sent his nephew Ram Hari Rauniyar to keep the bribe money (Rs 800,000) in his A5 block apartment at BPKIHS. The CIAA stated that it took the VC from his office to his apartment where it found Rs 800,000 hidden in a rack of a showcase.

The anti-graft body arrested Raj Kumar Rauniyar’s nephew Ram Hari Rauniyar with the bribe money. The CIAA said its investigation found that VC Rauniyar received a total of Rs 12.8 million bribe from Jha on different occasions.

The CIAA invoked Section 3, 3 (1) (I) and Section 24 of the Prevention of Corruption Act against the VC seeking to  recoup Rs 12.8 million from him. If convicted, the VC will have to also pay a fine of Rs 12.8 million and will also face jail term.

The anti-graft body invoked Section 3 (1) (e) of the anti-corruption act against Ram Hari Rauniyar and sought to recoup Rs 800,000 from him.

The CIAA has named Jha and driver Diwakar Karki who had given bribe money to VC Rauniyar as government witnesses and not defendants.

The CIAA stated although what Jha did was a criminal offence, it was treating him as a government witness as he assisted it in its investigation by submitting evidence.

It added that it was also treating driver Diwakar Karki, who took a total of Rs 10,600,000 from Jha and gave the amount to the VC on different occasions, as a government witness.

According to Section 55 of anti-corruption Act, the CIAA can name anyone who assists in its investigation as government witness to give complete or partial remission in the claim of punishment.