BPKMCH to bar docs from serving in private clinics

Chitwan, January 6

BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital of Bharatpur is all set to introduce a new rule in order to discourage its doctors and health workers from serving in private hospitals and clinics.

Earlier, the hospital and services provided by the hospital were affected due to common tendency among doctors and health workers to work in private health centres during office hours. Some doctors and health workers were also reportedly soliciting patients to visit their private clinics.

Lately, the local administration had also been keeping an eye on doctors and health personnel visiting private health centres during office hours.

Executive Director at the hospital Dr Chin Bahadur Pun described the move as a step towards improving the quality of health service.

“As service delivery at the hospital had degraded, we had to do something to maintain the quality of service and save the health institute’s reputation,” he said, adding the move was recommended by the health ministry.

Earlier, doctors at the hospital were allowed to serve in private clinics and hospitals only after seeking prior permission. The ministry, however, is learnt to have directed the hospital to completely discourage its doctors from attending private clinics and hospitals.

The hospital is now preparing to launch Extended Health Service soon. It is important to note that the number of such service centres in Bharatpur are said to be running with the investment of doctors serving at the cancer hospital.

Meanwhile, the government yesterday made appointments to fill the vacant posts in the hospital management committee.