BPKIHS doctors on strike for pay hike

Dharan, August 26:

All the 160 doctors in the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) struck work today, saying they had not received the increment that was accorded by the government to all strata of employees. This is the first time that such a large number of doctors have joined agitation in the BPKIHS.

Due to the strike, patients have been compelled to go to Biratnagar and India for treatment. Doctors have alleged that the administration has kept their salaries at a stagnant low without any hike for the past eight years. “The remuneration to doctors of our level was Rs 14,500 in 1999 and it is the same till date. This is sheer exploitation,” Dr Shibendra Jha said. “We talked to the vice-chancellor, but he did not heed our complaint,” he added.

Another doctor Santosh Kafle said there was a logic for hike in remuneration since the annual fee has been hiked from Rs 48,000 to Rs 110,000.

The doctors have also demanded the BPKIHS to secure recognition from the Indian government for various medical courses. BPKIHS spokesperson Dr Bal Krishna Bhattarai admitted that the hospital services were disturbed due to the agitation.