BPKIHS to expand its services

Sunsari, August 10

BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences is preparing to expand its services to deal with the increased pressure of patients.

In view of the increasing number of patients, the hospital has started groundwork to open a new facility at Chhatachowk. “As to how we’ve been witnessing an increase in the number of patients, there is no option other than expanding our services,” he said.

“As Increasing inflow of patients has affected treatment of patients suffering from serious ailments, a separate 100-bed facility at Chhatachowk is being established,” said BPKIHS vice-chancellor Dr Raj Kumar Rauniyar.

“There are already some physical structures, the same structures can be repaired and brought into use for running extended services of the hospital,” said Dr Gauri Shankar Shah, director at BPKIHS.