Bride gives birth on her wedding day

Siraha, February 10

A bride was sent back to her parental house after she gave birth on her wedding day in Sukhipur Municipality, Siraha.

Umesh Kumar Ram, 22, married Shova Ram,18, of Tenuwapati Shivanagar yesterday. A local Phulgen Singh said the bride was sent back to her mother’s house as she gave birth to a baby boy, while Umesh’s relatives were preparing to welcome her.

Relatives of the bridegroom said they had sent back the bride and her newborn with her uncle and brother to her maternal home. The marriage was confirmed some three months ago after Umesh had come for wedding from India.

“I had gone to the girl’s house some three months ago for confirmation and everything was alright,” he said. Umesh added that the incident occurred on the wedding day.  Umesh’s father Raj Kumar said that the incident occurred after the marriage. “Both liked each other on the first day, but could not believe how it happened,” he added. He said they were in confusion as his daughter-in-law gave birth to grandson before they were preparing to welcome her.