Bhojpur, August 22

Construction of a motorable bridge over Pikhuwa Khola has started in Bhojpur.

The bridge connects Bhojpur Municipality and Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municipality.

Bridge construction started today. Marseli Construction Service has started constructing the bridge with a contract of Rs 6.1 million under the Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry.

Earlier, the construction work was delayed as the land of Taxar Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower Private Limited was also under construction.

Chief at Bhojpur Infrastructure Development Office Rajan Raj Raddi said a team from the department had reached the site and held discussion on starting construction work. He said they had reached agreement that construction of the bridge site would be extended over two metres so that it would not affect the under-construction hydro project.

A dispute had erupted after it was suspected that construction of bridge would affect the under-construction Pikhuwakhola Hydro Project.The 86.3 metres long bridge will be completed in mid-July 2021. The construction company has committed that the bride will be completed within the stipulated time.

The locals of Ram Prasad Rai, Hatuwagadhi and Aamchowk rural municipalities will benefit after completion of the bridge.