Nepal | April 05, 2020

Bridge construction started with investment of Rs 61.35m in Bhojpur

Under-construction bridge to link Bhojpur HQs with Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality


BHOJPUR: Construction of a motorable bridge over Pikhuwa River has started with an investment of Rs 61.35 million in Bhojpur district.

When the construction is complete, the bridge would link Taksar in Bhojpur Municipality-12 with Manebhanjyang in Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality-5 in the district. The bridge is being built along the road from the district headquarters Bhojpur to Ghoretar via Dakshin Manebhanjyang and Ranibas.

Marseli Construction Service company has been contracted by the Infrastructure Development Office, Bhojpur under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Province 1 to build the bridge.

The construction work was hindered as a part of the land belonging to under-construction Taksar Pikhuwakhola Hydropower Pvt Ltd came under the bridge construction site. The bridge construction work could not begin as it required demolishing a part of infrastructure being built by the hydropower.

The construction work began after the stakeholders visited the site and resolved the issue on Wednesday, Chief at Infrastructure Development Office, Bhojpur, Rajan Raj Reddy informed.

District Coordination Committee chief Laxman Khadka, Bhojpur Municipality mayor Kailash Kumar Ale, Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality vice-chairperson Samjhana Rai, Chief District Officer Nurhari Khatiwada, Taksar Pikhuwakhola Hydropower Pvt Ltd chairperson Ambika Dhakal, entrepreneurs from the contracted company among other stakeholders held meeting to find the solution. The construction work started after the stakeholders agreed to shift the bridge two metres away preventing any disturbances to the hydropower.

According to Reddy, local residents and stakeholders concerned have been informed through a public hearing programme that the 86.3-metre-long bridge will have to be completed by July 15, 2021.

The company contracted for the construction has also committed to finishing the task in time.

The bridge would ease the transportation from Bhojpur to Ramprasad Rai, Hatuwagadhi and Amchok rural municipalities in the southern region of the district.

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