Bridge over Madi River worries locals in Tanahun

Damauli, August 26

Extraction of river materials from under the bridge area has threatened the existence of a bridge over the Madi River along Prithvi Highway near Damauli Bazaar in Tanahun.

The bridge built with Chinese government assistance in 1974 shakes violently when vehicles ply on it, locals said. The condition of the bridge has passengers and locals worried.

Locals said they feared the bridge would collapse as heavy vehicles plied on the bridge and illegal mining was being carried out under it.

Bishnu Gautam, a local journalist,  said the bridge’s safety was neglected and this had put the bridge at risk of collapse.

Byas Municipality said it had banned the extraction of river products from the periphery of the bridge.

Road Division Office, Tanahun, however, said passengers need not be concerned when the bridge shook as it posed no risk.

Road Division Office Chief Bhanu Joshi said that the movement of  vehicles would not cause any damage to the bridge.