Broader leftist alliance threat to democracy: PM Deuba

BHAKTAPUR: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has lamented that the broader leftist electoral alliance and unification after the elections  would be a threat to democracy in Nepal.

PM Deuba addressing a greeting exchange ceremony organized by the NC, Bhaktapur district committee on Friday, on the occasion of Tihar, Nepal Sambat and Chhath festivals, NC President Deuba said safeguarding democracy is the main challenge of the hour referring to the leftist alliance.

"Democracy, republic and people's rights must be guaranteed. At current time, forces wishing to finish off democracy have come together," he said and opined NC victory in upcoming polls was essential to tackle such threat,” PM added.

Stating that the leftist alliance had imperiled the democracy, he claimed that such unity was for imposing Communist authoritarianism and thus keeping the people in threat and fear.

"Nepal's Communists parties intend to rule over the people through an autocratic system which will be more dangerous than the Rana regime in the future."

He viewed that the communist political parties that were talking about nationalism could not be ever nationalists, underlining the need of unity among democratic forces and within the party to overcome the 'anti-democracy forces'.

PM Deuba pledged to holding the elections as per the schedule and creating a ground for strengthening of democracy through the full enforcement of the constitution.