KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Federation of Nepali National Transport Entrepreneurs Association on Monday has decided to open pre-booking of bus tickets for commuters traveling to their hometown in Dashain. Earlier, transport entrepreneurs were reluctant to open pre-booking of bus tickets demanding a hike in transportation fares and removal of restriction on bank accounts of transport bodies. However, after series of discussions and a fuel supply halt that lasted two days, the government agreed to address the demands of the entrepreneurs. Following a 4-point-agreement between the government and protesting transport entrepreneurs on Saturday, the latter decided to open ticket pre-booking from Tuesday. “We’re aware that pre-booking of bus tickets should be opened on time. However, soaring fuel price has raised operation cost of vehicles, and we are not in a position to operate buses in long routes while incurring loss,” said Yogendra Nath Karmacharya, president of Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs prior to the agreement. Ticket prices after revision: https://www.dotm.gov.np/uploads/articles/files/DOTM%20Notices/Fare%20Rate/Bhadadar%202075-06-07.pdf READ ALSO: Bus ticket pre-booking for Dashain uncertain