Rajbiraj, November 11:

Parliamentarian and Nepali Congress Saptari district president Ram Kumar Chaudhari today said that a constituent assembly might solve the national crisis but not the problems of the Madhesh region or its people’s.

Addressing a press meet here, Chaudhari said: “Doubts persist that the constituent assembly will not be able to address the issues of the Madhesh and Madhesis. If this transpires, the Madhesis will have no option but to launch a movement. The movement, however, will be a peaceful one.”

“I spoke in the House several times about the ongoing conflict between the Maoists and Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM), but the authority concerned has yet to take any initiative in this regard,” Chaudhari alleged.

Saying that peace is slowly being restored in the nation after the latest agreement between the Maoists and the government, Chaudhari urged the JTMM lay down its weapons and take part in the constituent assembly poll.

Meanwhile, a report from Pokhara today quoted central chairman of the Nepal Human rights Union Sudip Pathak as saying that an independent and impartial constituent assembly (CA)election would be impossible if the shadow of terror remains over the nation. Speaking at an interaction here, Pathak said: “Impartial election to the constituent assembly is impossible because people are still terrified in rural as well as in urban areas.”

A report from Biratnagar quoted Nepali Congress central member Dr Shekhar Koirala as saying today that the government ought to take stern action against any force flaunting weapons.

Dr Koirala said the government should not let those off the hook who try to create terror by dint of their weapons after the Maoist army has been confined to temporary camps. Dr Koirala was speaking at an interaction programme organised by the Tankisinwari Jaycees.