Cache of detonators recovered from Gorkha jungle

GORKHA: A huge stockpile of detonators was discovered as it was hidden under a big rock inside a cave in Thala of Swanra VDC-9 of Gorkha district.

A local Bishnu Tamang who reached near the cave on Sunday with his goats for grazing in the jungle area happened to see two sacks stuffed with suspicious objects and informed the Police Beat, Saurpani.

Acting on his tip-off, a police squad under the command of Assistant Inspector of Police Rukman Singh Khatri rushed to the site to recover two sacks containing electric wires and detonators.

Police found around 3,900 detonators in the sacks.

The Beat is preparing to transport the retrieved explosive devices to the District Police Office.

The detonators and wires might have been hidden by the then Maoist rebels during the Maoist insurgency. Gorkha was one of the most affected districts during the Maoist insurgency (1996-2006).

Deputy Superintendent of Police Birendra Thapa of the District Police Office confirmed that the explosives were found in the forest area.

Though the country was already declared free from the landmines years back, the finding of the detonators connected with wires in Swanra continues to terrorise normal life.

Around three years ago, two boys—Sachin Baram (12) and Gyan Bahadur Baram (11) of Swanra-8-had been critically injured as an explosive they had found and were playing had exploded.

Sachin had lost four fingers of his left hand to the explosion.