Call for unique design for building Karnali

SURKHET: Chief Minister of Karnali Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has urged experts to give a unique design for developing the province.

Speaking at the concluding session of a two-day ‘periodic plan framework’ workshop organized by the Karnali provincial planning commission here on Saturday, he said the development model for Karnali should be different. “It’s not due to lack of funds but lack of farsightedness and right thinking that Karnali is not yet developed,” he said.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Prakash Jwala said the recommendations from thematic experts will help the government move ahead with development of the province.

Vice-chair of the commission Dr Punya Prasad Regmi said the working papers from the experts will help the establishment of the project bank, and the long-term development of the province.