Call for steps to avert epidemic outbreak

Siraha, August 19

Health Minister Giriraj Mani Pokhrel today called on all stakeholders to take measures to avoid any possible outbreak of diarrhoea and other epidemic diseases in flood-hit areas of Siraha.

During his inspection visit to flood-affected areas in Siraha, Minister Pokhrel said there was a high possibility of epidemic in areas that faced inundation recently.

He stressed that teams of health workers had to reach out to flood-hit areas and launch public awareness programme in time. He said there was no human causality in the disaster in Siraha, and that measures had been put in place to ensure that people did not lose their lives due to epidemic diseases.

“We have sufficient medicines along with manpower,” he informed, adding that no flood victims would have to lose their lives for want of medical treatment.

Minister Pokhrel called on health workers to work hard in this hour of crisis. “It is necessary for health workers to discharge duty extraordinarily in this crisis situation,” he added.