Call to beef up security for civil servants in Tarai

Kathamndu, November 27:

Chief Secretary Bhojraj Ghimire today said that the security for the civil servants in Tarai area needs to be beefed up so that the administration in the area can be run smoothly.

“Terrorism rules the Tarai. The civil servants work there in a tense and critical condition. They deserve better attention from the security angle,” he said, addressing a discussion programme on government staffers in the Tarai, organised by the Nepal Government Employee Organisation (NGEO).

He also said that the political parties should come up with a people’s movement to help make an environment where peaceful resolution to the present crisis is possible, adding that the solution to the present problem being seen in several parts of the country is possible through talks.

Punya Prasad Dkahal, the general secretary of NGEO, said that the government employees, dedicated to serve the nation, now have to face stress from donation, ransom, kidnapping and murder, which causes obstruction in services as they are obliged to provide services to the public. He also stressed that the solution to the crisis in the Tarai has to be solved peacefully.

Meanwhile, an RSS report from Janakur said the trend of civil servants quitting Tarai is on the rise due to the threats issued by various groups.

At an interaction organised by Rural Development Foundation, Dhanusa Chief District Officer Ram Sharan Chimoria said government employees have only two options — either indulge in corruption to meet the extortionists’ demands or desert Tarai.

He, however, said that he was not trying to encourage government employees to indulge

in corruption.

On the occasion, the Foundation said 75 per cent people in Dhanusha are not satisfied with the services government offices provide. It also said there is a high degree of irregularity in the government offices.