Call to change government talks team

Kathmandu, July 26:

Political leaders today urged the government to reform its talks team as its performance has been far from satisfactory.

Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narashingh KC said that the talks team — comprising Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandara Paudel, State Minister for Water Resources Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and State Minister for General Administration Ram Chandra Raya Yadav — should be expanded to make its activities more effective and result-oriented.

“The talks team is doing its best but I would like to urge the government to be more liberal and include some major political leaders so that it becomes capable of taking concrete decisions on the issues raised by the Madhesis and the Janajatis,” he said, while addressing a programme at Sambad Club. The government talks team should be reformed so that it can successfully open the gates for the election to constituent assembly. He also urged the government not to seek temporary solution to the problems raised by the agitating groups.

“Political parties must go to the Tarai region to search solution to the problems faced by the region, but this is not happening at the right moment, probably because this is a peak plantation season in the Tarai region and the people there might not have time to listen to the leaders,” he said.

UML leader Bharat Mohan Adhikari, too, sought reforms in the government talks team to make its activities more meaningful and effective.

“Peace talks, as they are happening at the moment, will not lead to solution of the problems, therefore, it must be reformed and upgraded,” he said.

“Solutions to the issues raised by different agitating groups is purely a political issue and more inclusive solution should be sought from within the eight-party alliance, then only can the talks team handle the rest,” he said.

“At least the top leaders of the four major parties including the Nepali Congress, Nepali Congress (Democratic), CPN-UML or CPN-Maoist must lead the talks team to lead its activities to success,” he said.

“And just holding talks is not enough. The parties and the general people must be updated about the latest happenings each day,” he added. He also urged the political parties to hold mass meetings to express their commitment to hold the CA elections.