Kathmandu, September 15

Departing US Ambassador Peter W Bodde today called for immediate end to the “horrific violent acts” that have taken place in some Tarai districts in recent weeks.

“The horrific violent acts that have taken place in the last two weeks must stop. The bandhs and strikes are seriously harming Nepal’s economy,” the US envoy stated in his pre-departure statement.

He also underscored the need for everyone to put the needs of the nation first and not let personal, political and party ambitions drive the process, saying that this historic moment should not be squandered.

As the country enters the final stages of drafting and promulgating its constitution, Bodde stated that the new document must make every effort to ensure that the statute is inclusive and flexible enough to address future needs.

After completing his three-year stint, Bodde left Nepal today to assume his new assignment as the US envoy to Libya. Alaina Teplitz is set to succeed him as the US envoy to Nepal.

His assessment was that much progress and some real successes were seen during his tenure in Nepal.

He helped in the reintegration of former Maoist combatants into the Nepali Army; the 2013 Constituent Assembly election that was free, fair and inclusive with an almost an 80 percent voter turnout; and the overwhelmingly positive international response to the April 25 earthquake that killed thousands of people.