Call to tap alternative energy sources

Janakpurdham, September 28:

Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Ganesh Saha has underlined the need to conserve and utilise culture and heritage of Mithila.

The minister also called for optimum utilisation of natural resources.

This is the age of science and technology, Saha said, calling on all concerned to educate youths and make them techno-savvy.

He made this remark while inaugurating an orientation organised by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) of the Environment Ministry and District Development Committee, Dhanusha.

Dr Govinda Raj Pokharel, executive director of the AEPC, stressed the need to tap solar power

in urban areas of Dhanusha and build biogas plants in rural areas of the district.

According to an estimate, 1.96 lakh households have biogas plants.

Local Development Officer Bindu Prasad Guragai said, “Access to technology should be ensured for all through alternative energy programmes.

Sambhu Mishra of the District Technical Office called on the state to harness sources of renewable energy at a time when the country has been witnessing protracted load-shedding hours.