Candidates pledge to make Dhankuta capital of Province-4

  • Other agendas include airport construction and improving education quality

Dhankuta, November 17

Declaring Dhankuta the capital of Proivince1 has become the major poll agenda of the candidates contesting the upcoming elections from the left alliance and the democratic alliance in the district.

CPN-UML leader Rajendra Rai of the left alliance and Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Democratic leader Sunil Bahadur Thapa from the democratic alliance are soliciting votes pledging to make Dhankuta the provincial capital.

Dhankuta has only one constituency for the parliamentary elections and it has two seats for provincial assembly. The left alliance has fielded all three candidates from the CPN-UML while the democratic alliance has fielded Thapa from RPP-D for parliamentary seat, NC’s Manoharnarayan Shrestha from Constituency-’Ka’ and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Arjun Thapa from Constituency-’Kha’.

There are a total of 105,188 voters in the district. As per the results of recently concluded civic polls, the democratic alliance is behind the left alliance with 10,000 votes.

Other agendas raised by candidates include airport construction, quality education, agro industry, jobs, tourism development, health, etc. As many as 19 candidates from 13 parties have thrown their hats in the ring.