Candidates step up campaigning in Rolpa

Rolpa, November 18

With just few more days remaining for the parliamentary and provincial elections, major political parties have intensified their election publicity campaigns in Rolpa. Elections are slated for November 26 in the district.

Left alliance’s parliamentary candidate in Rolpa Barhsaman Pun is seen busy soliciting voters for last few weeks. He is actively involved in door to door visit and addressing mass meeting in the district, of late. Left alliance has already organised mass meetings in Holleri, Jungar, Ghartigaun, Sukhabada, Ransi, Duikholi and Thawang. Left alliance’s first round of election campaign, which had started from Sulichaur, ended at Liwung yesterday.

Pun’s wife, former speaker of the Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar and his party colleagues Jayapuri Gharti and Nabin Roka Magar, who are candidates from CPN-Maoist Centre under proportional representation electoral system for the House of Representatives, are also touring with Pun. UML politburo member Gokul Gharti has been named the chief of election campaigns in Rolpa. UML leader Hari Prasad Gharti, who is party’s PR candidate, is also touring with Pun.

CPN-MC’s Kul Prasad KC and Deependra Pun are contesting as FPTP candidates for the provincial election. UML’s Ishori Gharti and Kumar Dasaudi are contesting as PR candidates for provincial polls. UML has not fielded in anybody from Rolpa in its parliamentary PR list.

Left alliance has also fielded Seeta Acharya, Karma Lal Pariyar, Manju Budha, Raj Kumar Kunwar and Harisara Gharti from the CPN-MC as PR candidates for provincial election.

CPN-MC leaders and cadres are confident about their victory in the district.

CPN-MC leaders and cadre are confident about their party’s victory in the district. “We will win the election with a huge margin. We were able to win election in the past single handedly and now  since we are supported by UML there is no  force who can even come closer to us in terms of votes,” Girish Pun, a local CPN-MC leader told THT.

However, locals of the area were found very less concerned and enthusiastic about elections. A local driver said, “We need to work every day to keep our body and soul together. We cannot afford to go to hear leaders’ speeches.” The driver is from Korchawang village in Rolpa and is also an ex-combatant.

Some people in the district were even found scared of some anti-election activists. A woman from Thawang said she was not sure if she would cast vote as the Nepal Communist Party was warning the voters not to participate in elections.

Minister of State for Irrigation and Nepali Congress president in Rolpa Amar Singh Pun, who is a parliamentary FPTP candidate, is planning to invite Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and Coordinator of Naya Shakti Party-Nepal Baburam Bhattarai in Rolpa to address a mass meeting. He has been visiting houses of voters and holding meetings with NC leaders.

Sher Bahadur Mahara, Khagendra Prakash Hamal are NC’s FPTP candidates for provincial assembly and Manojmani Acharya and Tika Budha are NC’s PR candidates for provincial election.

“We will get votes of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and disgruntled voters of the left alliance, ” Amar Singh Pun said. “A tough competition between the NC and the left alliance is expected,” he added. He accused the CPN-MC of violating the election code of conduct.

CPN-MC leader Jaypuri Gharti, however, said the left alliance would not resort to illegal means to win elections.