Car-inspired cycle model wins many a heart

Siraha, October 25:

Baleshwor Mahato has redesigned his bicycle.

Gone is the handle bar: The 50-year-old from eastern part of Dhanusha district has replaced it with a steering wheel and fitted leg-controlled brakes. His vehicle has proved to be a crowd-puller.

To make for a delightful ride, he has installed a 10-band radio. Sweet songs wafting from the system make every ride a delightful experience.

“Thanks to the steering wheel, I feel less tired while riding the bicycle,” says he. So what made him redesign the bicycle?

“Comfort factor. I modified the vehicle just for the sake of comfort,” says he. “My bicycle is the result of fusion of Indian and Chinese technologies.”

“The Chinese radio gives me extra energy on the ride,” he says jokingly. On my journey, I get to listen to national and international news and savour the taste of melodious songs.”

Mahato says he has been riding bicycles for 17 years. “Earlier, I used to travel by bus. But for three years, I have been riding this bicycle to cover long distance.” “Usually, I go to Birgunj on bicycle.”

This reporter met the cyclist in Lahan today. He had arrived here from his hometown, cruising a 70-kilometre distance on his magic vehicle.

“I came here due to my some personal work.” “My bicycle has become a dependable means of transport. Thanks to it, I can go places even during transport strikes,”

Mahato added.