Carter offered nothing new, says Narahari

Kavre, November 25:

Nepali Congress central member Narahari Acharya said today that suggestions of former US president Jimmy Carter to Nepal are not new ones. He claimed that views expressed by Carter are agendas adopted by the parties earlier.

Releasing a book entitled Sabdahruko Bhumi (Land of Words) written by Banepa based litterateur Dinesh Sewacharya here, he said, “ We don’t have courage to resolve our issues through discussions among ourselves. That is why we call foreigners for mediation.”

“I had started a discussion on solution suggested by Carter now, but no conclusion was reached,” he said.

He blamed the parties for not rising above the tradition of seeking suggestions of foreigners. “Though the major parties had held discussions on the issues of a republic, proportional system of election and the Tarai agitation, I am surprised at the media’s act of giving priority to the same issues raised by Carter.” He said, “NC is surprised at the Maoists’ act of saying they have taken the issues suggested by Carter seriously.”