Case filed demanding re-poll

Dhading, December 2

Left alliance yesterday filed a case at the Election Commission demanding re-election at Mukradevi Secondary voting centre of Sertung at Rubyvalley Rural Municipality-4 in Dhading. The provincial and parliamentary elections here were held on November 26.

Left alliance registered the case demanding re-poll, saying supporters of Rastriya Prajatantra Party vice-chair Buddhiman Tamang  had captured the poll booth and cast votes in the names of 17 dead people. The voting centre lies at Dhading-2 where Buddhiman Tamang’s brother is the candidate for provincial assembly in constituency-2 Kha.

Buddhiman Tamang is a proportional representation candidate from RPP.  NC’s Dilman Pakhrin is the parliamentary candidate in this constituency. Similarly, left alliance’s Khem Prasad Lohani from CPN-UML is a parliamentary candidate and CPN-Maoist Centre’s Jagat Simkhada is a provincial candidate in constituency-2 Kha.

Dhading CPN-MC district chair Salikram Jamarkattel claimed that Budhhiman’s Tamang’s supporters had captured the booth and stopped Maoist representatives from entering the voting centre and cast the ballots unilaterally.

“We have evidences that vote was cast in the names of 17 deceased people. And we have filed the case at the election office with proof,” Jamarkattel said. UML leader Men Ghale said Buddhiman Tamang’s supporters had captured the booth and cast ballot unilaterally.

Of the total 815 voters, 809 had cast their ballot from the voting centre. Vote were cast in the names of one who committed suicide, eight who died naturally and eight persons killed in the deadly quake of April 2015, according to the left alliance.

Voting Officer Hom Prasad Sitaula said that party representatives had more knowledge about the incident.