Caseload of complaints at CIAA Nepalgunj office

Nepalgunj, February 11

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has witnessed a huge caseload of complaints at its Nepalgunj contact office in Province 5.

As per data, the contact office under the CIAA provincial office based in Butwal has seen 458 complaints filed in the past six months this fiscal. The contact office has jurisdiction over three districts, namely Banke, Bardiya and Dang.

“Of the total complaints filed, the highest number, 210, were filed in Banke. In Dang and Bardiya, 142 and 106 complaints were filed respectively,” said the CIAA Nepalgunj-based contact office Chief Ganesh Gaire, adding, “So far 111 complaints have been resolved.”

Again, most of the complaints are related to district-level offices with the federal government’s oversight.

Meanwhile, the CIAA contact office said it had taken time to resolve all the complaints due to lack of manpower. “Although there are 28 posts of investigators, there are only three investigation officers at work at the office now, which has made it difficult to resolve the cases in time,” said the contact office information officer Lokmani Pande.