Cattle smuggling comes under close scrutiny in Dhading

DHADING: Police in Dhading district have heightened the scrutiny as the conveying of cows and oxen to the northern highland have increased of late.

Dhading District Police Office (DPO) has heightened the inspection in the area since racketeers have actively been conveying the cattle brought from the district's southern region and neighbouring Makawanpur, Gorkha, Nuwakot and Chitwan districts.

According to Superintendent of Police (SP) Dambar BK at the DPO, security personnel in civvies have been mobilised in various routes including Dhadingbesi, the district headquarters, to check the transferring of cattle. At least 20 to 25 cows and oxen are either driven or carried on vehicles towards the northern region through various routes on a daily basis.

It has been reported that on Tuesday, Nalang Baireni-based police post in Baireni had intercepted a herd of 10 cows and oxen being driven towards Lapa. Although the conveyors had claimed that the herds of animals were being taken for dairy farming and ploughing fields, they could not produce any quarantine report. Police had reportedly advised the conveyors to go through the formalities necessary, before freeing them.

Police said the exact motivation of people involved in cattle business was not clear then.

A teacher in northern Dhading asking not to be named said that the smuggled cattle were being slaughtered for their meat, which is even being sold after drying. He added that a racketeering group was involved in supplying the dried beef to Kathmandu.

It has been reported that the racketeers even deal with formalities as cattle are regarded sacred in Hinduism and severe punishment have been meted out for slaughtering cows and oxen in Nepal.