Parbat, November 16:

She is 102 years old and knows nothing about politics, but claims to have cast her vote in several elections held in Nepal during her lifetime, and now she want to exercise the franchise in the constituent assembly (CA) election.

Dhankali Bhusal of Shankarpokhari in Parbat, said: “I don’t think I will die so soon. I want to cast my vote in the CA election,” she said. Much to her dismay, she could not cast her vote in the 1999 elections. “I was 95 years old then and the age limit for casting vote was 70 years,” Dhankali said.

Dhankali, who has three sons, a daughter, 11 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, said she was glad to hear about the restoration of peace in the country. She added that she was tired of hearing news of violence.

“I’ll carry my mother to the polling booth when the election is held,” Dhankali’s son Bam Dev said.

Dhankali said she has never had to take any kind of medicines in her entire lifetime. Bam Dev added that they have never had to take her to the hospital. “She takes homemade remedies if she ever gets sick,” he said.

Till this day, Dhankali hasn’t stopped doing household chores. She cooks and also looks after her great-grandchildren. “I can’t do strenuous work but I can do simple household chores,” she said.

She has no problem recognising people. Miraculously, her teeth have grown again. She rises earlier than anyone else in the house and starts her daily routine.

The neighbours never cease to be amazed at Dhankali’s health.