Charighyang Monastery in Dolakha rebuilt


Charighyang Gumba, a historic Buddhist monastery located at Bhimeshwor Municipality in the district, has been reconstructed. The shrine was destroyed by the Gorkha earthquake on 25 April 2015. Its reconstruction had started in November 2017.

The monastery has been rebuilt using traditional construction materials and intricately carved wood in the original architectural style.

This historic monument has been reconstructed with the assistance of the Department of Archaeology. The reconstruction was carried out at a cost of around Rs 27.9 million, said Pasang Lama, chairperson of the Monastery Management Committee.

Tulasi Construction Bhaktapur has rebuilt the monastery.

The monastery has more than 18 big and small Buddha statues, and it is built in an artistic way. It was commissioned and authorised by the then king almost 419 years back while King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifier of modern Nepal, had it enlisted as an ancient monastery 259 years ago.

The monastery is located near Charikot, the district headquarters.

Besides being a place of religious and historical importance, it is also a touristic place.

One can get an enchanting view of Mt Gaurishankar, the Rolwaling Himalayan range, Shailung hills, the Tamakoshi River, Sindhuligadhi, Kharidhunga, Kalinchok and other places from here.

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